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The only cages within N.Z

with the approval insignia of

Veterinarians for World Animal Health.

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Havahart Collapsible Cat Rescue Kit Cage

Product Summary: Cage #1099


Humane Live Easy Set Animal Traps from

Havahart the recognized brand leader in

nuisance animal control.

The only cages within N.Z. with the

approval insignia of

Veterinarians for World Animal Health.


Made by Woodstream USA of heavy duty

high tensile galvanized steel.

Single door collapsible with treadle action.

Proven the most successful and reliable

cage as used in New Zealand by DOC

Regional Councils Contractors and SPCA.

Outlasts all lightweight versions.

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The Havahart Stray Cat Rescue Kit is

ideal for catching transporting and short term

caring of animal captured.

It is easy to set, bait, and release.

A Collapsible live animal trap which

pops up in seconds.

Kit includes rescue cat trap, cage divider

cover, door hook and complete instructions.

Also has a rear access door.

This cage is 81cm x 27cm x 32cm when

assembled constructed of sturdy rust

resistant wire mesh with steel reinforcements

for long life and is galvanized for maximum

resistance to rust and corrosion.

Collapsible design is ideal for

space saving storage.

Cage Divider:The divider allows the cage

to be used as a feeding and watering area.

Slide it through the cage mesh, open the

door and place food or water in the cage.

Also essential for animal control if

tagging or treatment injections.

Burlap Cover:The cover serves to

waterproof, help camouflage the trap and to

soothe the animal once it is trapped.

Made in the USA

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Contact: Trevor

MS Woodcraft Ltd

Phone: 0274371084


8.30am 5.00pm Monday to Friday

(Or by arranged appointment)


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