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CONIBEAR ® Wildlife Traps

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NZ stock covers 4 sizes for various animals.

Conibear ® is the registered patent of Victor

No other make is Conibear.

Product Summary: Conibear Single Spring #50

Double Spring #60 D/S #220 Northwood D/S #155

Made in USA

Product Summary: English Fenn Traps

English Mark 6 Fenn Traps

As alternative to Conibear traps Fenn traps are a

professional kill trap for stoats ferrets and rats.

These traps are widely used by wildlife managers and

trappers throughout the United States, Canada and New Zealand.

Their experience proves that these traps work equally

well on the ground, log or tree bridges, suspended

submerged in water, under ice, or when covered

with light snow.

However, they should not be used where they might

take non target animals.

Recent refinements have made these traps even

more effective and easier to use.

Every open stock Conibear trap has a 4 way trigger

that fires the trap when an animal pushes the trigger

from any direction, including from the side.

Double spring versions have safety hooks on springs

to assist setting procedures.

Light weight, compact, Conibear traps are designed

for use in a wide variety of predator control

fur trapping and wildlife management applications.

Used properly, they result in a quick, humane kill.

For more that 60 years Conibear traps have been

the favourites of trappers and wildlife managers

whenever kill type traps are desired.

Successful with possum, cat, stoat, rat and ferret.

Now these lightweight, compact traps

work better than ever.

Conibear Trap Picture

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